Trading hours of trading

You may not know it, but trading on the stock exchange gives you the opportunity to trade online 24 hours a day, thanks to the overlapping opening hours of the various international stock markets.

In fact, there are eight major global financial centers whose trading hours are listed in three major sessions: the Asian session, the European session and the North American session. But of course, we must also consider the summer and winter times that are not the same according to the time zone. Here are some detailed explanations of trading times on the stock market.

The Asian session:

At the beginning of the week, the Asian session is the first to open. This session includes stock exchanges in Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and other smaller centers. Asian assets and currency pairs with currencies from these countries are therefore the most volatile during these times. The same goes for economic publications.

The trading hours of the Asian session are as follows:

Asian market opening time: 4h in summer and 3h in winter

Asian market closing time: 8h in summer and 7h in winter

The European session:

The European session is of course the most interesting for French traders. It is the second to open after the Asian session and also includes several major stock exchanges including France, Germany, Switzerland or the United Kingdom. It should be noted here that London’s financial center is the largest in the world and more than 30% of financial transactions are carried out each day. Exchange volumes are therefore very important during the European session and therefore lead to highly volatile and interesting trading movements. Of course, European stocks are the most volatile during this period as well as Forex currency crosses including the Euro.

The trading hours of the European session are as follows:

European market opening time: 12h in summer and 12h in winter.

European market closing time: 16h in summer and 17h in winter.

The North American session:

Finally comes the North American session, which is the last to open and close its markets. Of course, this session is also one of the most followed by traders around the world because it is during this period that US assets are traded. This session includes the financial centers of the United States, but also of Canada, Mexico and countries of South America. It is on the New York stock market that volatility is highest during this time of the day, especially for particular assets such as commodities and all other securities quoted in dollars.

The trading hours of the North American session:

Opening hours of the North American market: 17h in summer and 17h in winter.

North American market closing time: 21h in summer and 22h in winter.

Overnight financing fee

Our daily overnight financing rate is currently 0.0128% for bitcoin (4.5% per annum) and 0.0392% for other cryptocurrencies (14.3% pa). Long-term customers will now pay overnight financing fees while customers with a short position will receive these fees. In addition, a Bearsmarkets administrative fee of 2.5% per annum will apply for all positions.

What consequences on your positions?

If you are long, your account will be charged an annualized overnight fee of 0.0392% per day (14.3% per annum) for bitcoin and / or 0.0582% (21.2% per annum) for positions on the rest of the cryptocurrencies opened after 23:00 (Paris time).

If you are short, your account will be credited with annualized overnight fee charges of 0.009% per day (3.2% per annum) for bitcoin and / or 0.0128% (4.5% per annum) for positions on the rest of the cryptocurrencies opened after 23:00 (Paris time).

Please note that for any position left open after 11pm (Paris time), we will calculate a daily interest payment (credit or debit) from Monday to Sunday. Interest adjustments will also be calculated in advance in anticipation of the Christmas and New Year period.

Our overnight financing fees are regularly reviewed and updated on our website and in our trading conditions.

Overnight financing fee on long position on bitcoin       Overnight financing fee on short position on bitcoin

1  bitcoin contract with the purchase, listed at 7500.

(1 x 5663.94) x 0,0392% = 2.22€

The Customer Will Be charged 2.22€ par jour.

1 contrat bitcoin à la vente, coté à 5663.94.

(1 x 5663.94) x 0,009% = 0.5€

Le client sera crédité de 0.5€ par jour.