Funding your account is quick and simple. There are various payment methods at your disposal. Simply choose

whichever method you prefer and follow the steps below to make a successful deposit:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on “Deposit Funds”
  3. Enter the amount and select the currency
  4. Finally, select your preferred deposit method

Yes, depositing money into your account is absolutely safe, private and secure. All transactions are communicated using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, ensuring that your personal information is kept safe.

For your convenience, we’ve provided a range of payment methods.
Below is a list of the available methods:For your convenience, we’ve provided a range of payment methods.
Below is a list of the available methods:

Depending on your region and country regulations, the minimum first-time deposit varies from 350 euro to 10,000 euro.
To view your required minimum deposit, simply click “Deposit Funds,” and the minimum required amount will appear in the “Select Amount” box.

Please note: Unverified accounts are limited to a total deposit amount of $2,250. In order to upgrade your account to Verified status, please contact Customer Service. BTCOINPRO reserves the right to change any of the deposit limitations indicated, at any time. When registering a corporate account, a minimum first-time deposit of $10,000 is required.

BTCOINPRO does not allow third-party payments. A third-party payment is a deposit made using a payment method that is not in the same name as the owner of the BTCOINPRO account. As stated in our terms and conditions, the owner of the trading account should be the owner of the funds. Therefore, there is no option to make a deposit using someone else’s payment method.

However, if you wish to use a method of payment belonging to your spouse or another first-degree family member, we can set up a joint account for you. This must be set up PRIOR to depositing with the 3rd party payment method. This means that both parties will be allowed access to deposit/withdraw funds, however, only the account owner will be permitted to trade. You will be asked to provide identification documents, a proof of your relation (such as marriage certificate/ birth certificate), as well as to complete our joint account form.

If you do use a third-party payment method without a joint account, your account will be limited until the third-party funds can be refunded. Please note that your account might be closed if we are not able to refund the full amount.

To deposit using a credit/debit card, please click the “Credit Card” option from the drop-down menu, and enter the following details:
Card number
Expiration date
CVV (3 digits on the reverse side of your credit/debit card)

Within minutes, your account should be credited with the funds. If your request is not approved for any reason,  you will be notified via email.

The transaction will show as “BTCOINPRO (Europe) Ltd.” on the financial statement of your payment provider.

To deposit using a wire transfer, please click on the “Wire Transfer” option in the drop-down menu:

Choose the currency and the amount and click on “Continue.” Different details will be given for different currencies, so make sure to choose the correct currency
Print out the wire transfer details appearing on the screen
Go to your bank (or log in to your bank’s web service*) and forward your Wire Transfer
Fill in your username and the transaction reference number in the Payment Details field
Your bank will issue a SWIFT document of your transfer
After transferring the funds, please upload a scanned copy of the SWIFT* document to [email protected]
* In the case of online transfers, please make a screenshot of the online confirmation.

Note: Wire transfer deposits can take 4-7 business days. Your BTCOINPRO trading account will be credited once the transfer has been confirmed by our bank. The exchange rate (if applicable) will be calculated on the day the deposit was processed into your account.

The transaction will show as  _________________ on the financial statement of your payment provider.

All BTCOINPRO trading accounts are in USD. Therefore, when depositing with a different currency, the deposited amount will be converted at the current market rate. Please note that this is subject to a conversion fee.

Please be advised that using any corporate method of payment to deposit into a personal BTCOINPRO trading account is against our terms and conditions. We can, however, offer you the option to open a corporate trading account.
Depending on whether your business is a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation, certain documentation will be requested to set up the Business trading account.

Yes. All deposits other than the First Time Deposit (which varies from country to country) are required to be at least $50. For deposits made by wire transfer, the minimum required is $500.

Want to withdraw funds from your account? No problem! Customers may withdraw funds from their BTCOINPRO account at any time. Funds can be withdrawn up to the value of the balance of your BTCOINPRO account, minus the amount of margin used.



Funds are withdrawn using the same method, and sent to the same account, as previously used for your deposit. Payment will be made in the following order of priority:

Credit card

Bank transfer





*Please note you will be asked to provide an alternative payment method if we are unable to return your funds via your original deposit method.

Withdrawal requests take up to 1 business day to process, providing we have all necessary information.The estimated amount of  time to receive your payment will vary depending on your payment provider. The typical time frame per payment method can be seen in the table below:

Payment Provider                Estimated time to receive funds
Credit / Debit card              Up to 8 working days
Wire Transfer                         Up to 8 working days

To cancel your withdrawal request, please follow the steps below:

Enter your trading account and click on the “Withdraw Funds” tab
A pop-up message will appear. Use the “click here” link to view your withdrawal history
Click on the “Reverse” button
Confirm that you wish to cancel the request
All funds, including withdrawal fees, will be immediately returned to your account balance
Please note that if your transaction status is “In Process” you will be unable to cancel via the platform. In this case, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

The minimum amount for withdrawal is USD $50
You must have withdrawable funds available
Your account needs to be verified, meaning a green tick appears on your profile (if you haven’t yet verified your account, please contact us and upload the required documents)
Your personal information, payment details and accompanying documentation are protected by BTCOINPRO’s stringent information security policy. Strict guidelines to safeguard your private information are in place and will satisfy the most demanding security-conscious financial services end user.

You can find more information here: BTCOINPRO’s Privacy Policy.

Click on the portfolio tab, then on the history tab, to see via which payment method your funds were sent. Alternatively you can check the email you received in relation to the processing of your withdrawal, which will specify the payment method to which the funds were sent and the date processed.
Take into consideration that from the time we process your withdrawal, it can take up to 8 business days for the funds to appear in your account statement.
If everything above was checked and you still cannot find the funds, please contact us. We will request you provide us with a payment method statement showing the incoming and outgoing transactions, from the time the withdrawal was processed, until the time you contacted us. Please make sure we can see your name, the transaction dates and the payment method details.